Artificial Intelligence

Q1- Which state has recently declared 2020 as the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has signed MoUs with tech firms for AI research?
A) Andhra PradeshB) Telengana
C) OdishaD) Assam
Ans:-  Telengana
Q2- Which country has unveiled its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Police officer Ella?
A) JapanB) Singapore
C) New Zealand D) Saudi Arabia
Ans:-  New Zealand
Q3- What science fiction writer wrote the three laws of robotics?
A) Isaac Asimov B) George Devol
C) Douglas Kell D) Christopher Bryant
Ans:-  Isaac Asimov
Q4- The computer's ability to decode the human voice is called --
A) interpretationB) vocalisation
C) voice analysisD) voice recognition
Ans:-  voice recognition
Q5- What is Deep-CEE model/ tool?
A) Technique for finding metals in deep seasB) Artificial Intelligence-based self controlling robot
C) Artificial Intelligence based tool to identify galaxy clustersD) Artificial Intelligence based tool to find out actual age and class of any fossils
Ans:-  Artificial Intelligence based tool to identify galaxy clusters
Q6- A new technology which provides the ability to create an artificial world and have people interact with it is called?
A) Virtual RealityB) 3D reality
C) TelevirtualityD) Alternate reality
Ans:-  Virtual Reality
Q7- Which of the following is the India's first advanced personal robot for kids developed by graduates of Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay?
A) KuriB) Robo
C) Miko 2D) Temi
Ans:-  Miko 2
Q8- Which of the Robot in the following movie is able to identify emotions?
A) InceptionB) Blade Runner
C) Bicentennial ManD) Fight Club
Ans:-  Bicentennial Man
Q9- ...................... is a domestically-aimed robot that resembles a hamster or owl-like creature?
A) SurbyB) Furby
C) DurbyD) Aurby
Ans:-  Furby
Q10- Which of the following computer won the quiz show Jeopardy by beating human champion?
A) BostonB) Easton
C) PoastonD) Watson
Ans:-  Watson