Current Affair Quiz Questions

Q1- What is HTTP 404?
A) An error message indicating server not foundB) An error message indicating moved permanently
C) An error message indicating forbiddenD) An error message indicating server found
Ans:-  An error message indicating server not found
Q2- Which of these ports is used by POP3?
A) 110B) 22
C) 143D) 25
Ans:-  110
Q3- The cloud service providers may provide applications, storage, bandwidth, virtual machines etc. to service many banks using a multi-tenant model. What term is used for this kind of arrangement?
A) Auto scalingB) Load Balancing
C) Resource PoolingD) Application Layers
Ans:-  Resource Pooling
Q4- What do we call an attack which overwhelms a system's resources so that it cannot respond to service requests?
A) Brute forceB) Eavesdropping
C) denial-of-service attackD) None of the above
Ans:-  denial-of-service attack
Q5- Which of these organizations was created to manage IP address spaces?
C) W3CD) None of the above
Ans:-  ICANN
Q6- What is the name of a phishing email that is targeted directly at you?
A) SmishingB) Whaling
C) Spear phishingD) Angler phishing
Ans:-  Spear phishing
Q7- Who among the following used the term computer worm for the first time?
A) John BrunnerB) Alan Turing
C) John McCarthyD) JP Eckert
Ans:-  John Brunner
Q8- Which of the following is the another name for the error or bug in software or hardware?
A) LeechB) Squid
C) SlugD) Glitch
Ans:-  Glitch
Q9- In context with the dotted number format used in the IPv4 , which among the following is NOT possible?
Q10- As a person working in internet banking environment, why you should be aware of the 'Dictionary attack'?
A) It is used to inject worms or viruses in the systemB) It is used to determine a password
C) It is used to access customer's account by determining other detailsD) It is used for stealing info from the Credit Card
Ans:-  It is used to determine a password