Computer Fundamental Quiz Questions

Q1- What is the maximum speed of Pratyush computer in india?
A) 6.8 HexaFlopsB) 6.8 YottaFlops
C) 6.8 ZettaFlops D) 6.8 PetaFlops
Ans:-  6.8 PetaFlops
Q2- What is Ctrl + Q used for in MS Word?
A) To remove the paragraph formattingB) To open an existing file
C) To delete the selected textD) To spell check the document
Ans:-  To remove the paragraph formatting
Q3- How can entire column be selected in MS Excel?
A) By pressing Ctrl + SpaceB) By pressing Ctrl + /
C) By pressing Ctrl + DD) None of the above
Ans:-  By pressing Ctrl + Space
Q4- Which computer has been designed to be as compact as possible?
A) Mini computerB) Micro computer
C) MainframeD) Super computer
Ans:-  Micro computer
Q5- Which among of the following was the world’s first electronic stored-program computer?
A) ColossusB) ENIAC
C) Manchester BabyD) EDVAC
Ans:-  Manchester Baby
Q6- The memory allocation scheme subject to "external" fragmentation is known as.
A) SwappingB) Segmentation
C) Demand PagingD) Context Switching
Ans:-  Segmentation
Q7- In a computer file systems which among the following is top or first in hierarchy?
A) root directoryB) parent directory
C) home directoryD) working directory
Ans:-  root directory
Q8- Who was the father of Punched Card Processing?
A) Blaise PascalB) Presper Eckert
C) Herman HollerithD) Charles Babbage
Ans:-  Herman Hollerith
Q9- The microelectronics is the technology of___________.
A) Chips B) Microcomputers
C) MicrowavesD) Automatic processing
Ans:-  Chips
Q10- Conversion of decimal number 61 to it's binary number equivalent is.
A) 110011B) 111101
C) 11001110D) 11111
Ans:-  111101