Computer Fundamental Quiz Questions

Q51- What is the name of the 64-bit Microprocessor developed by AMD?
A) Opteron B) RISC-9000
C) iMacD) Athlon
Ans:-  Opteron
Q52- What is meant by a dedicated computer?
A) Which is used by one person onlyB) Which is assigned one and only one task
C) Which uses one kind of softwareD) Which is meant for application software
Ans:-  Which is assigned one and only one task
Q53- The rectangular pattern of lines of varying width and spaces used for automatic product identification by computer is.................
A) SensorB) Cost analysis
C) Test-codeD) Bar-code
Ans:-  Bar-code
Q54- A Winchester disk is a ___________
A) Removable diskB) Flexible disk
C) Disk stack D) Non-removable disk
Ans:-  Disk stack
Q55- In latest generation computers, the instructions are executed:
A) Sequentially onlyB) Parallel only
C) Both sequentially and parallelD) None of the above
Ans:-  Both sequentially and parallel
Q56- Which technology is used in Compact disks?
A) Electro MagneticB) Laser
C) MechanicalD) Electrical
Ans:-  Laser
Q57- In LCD, the refresh rate of the screen is :
A) 60 frames/secB) 80 frames/sec
C) 30 frames/secD) 100 frames/sec
Ans:-  60 frames/sec
Q58- Who built the world's first binary digit computer, Z1?
A) Konrad ZuseB) James Gosling
C) George BooleD) Alan Turing
Ans:-  Konrad Zuse
Q59- Which of the following is not the view in PowerPoint?
A) NormalB) Outline
C) NarrowD) Slide Sorter
Ans:-  Narrow
Q60- A bar code reader is an example of a(n)
A) Processing deviceB) Input device
C) Storage deviceD) Output device
Ans:-  Input device