Computer Fundamental Quiz Questions

Q61- A complete electronic circuit with transistors and other electronic components on a small silicon chip is called a (n) ________ .
A) WorkstationB) Integrated circuit
C) CPUD) magnetic disk
Ans:-  Integrated circuit
Q62- The unit MIPS is used to measure the speed of a___.
A) ProcessorB) Tape drive
C) PrinterD) Disk drive
Ans:-  Processor
Q63- EDVAC stands for __________.
A) Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic CalculatorB) Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
C) Electronic Data Variable Automatic Calculator D) Electronic Data Variable Automatic Computer
Ans:-  Electronic Data Variable Automatic Calculator
Q64- How many printable characters are there in ASCII ?
A) 62B) 79
C) 85D) 95
Ans:-  95
Q65- Cache memory works on the principle of
A) Locality of dataB) Locality of memory
C) Locality of referenceD) Locality of reference & memory
Ans:-  Locality of reference
Q66- File name with the extension .VXD represents:
A) Normal application fileB) Text file
C) Device driversD) Picture file
Ans:-  Device drivers
Q67- A temporary storage area used to hold information that is being transferred from one program to another:
A) Clip boardB) Buffer
C) MemoryD) Swap
Ans:-  Clip board
Q68- An input device which can read characters directly from an ordinary piece of paper is
Ans:-  OCR
Q69- What is the term used for a half byte?
A) bitB) nibble
C) bugD) word
Ans:-  nibble
Q70- X-MP is a model of _____________.
A) SupercomputerB) Micro Computer
C) Main Frame ComputerD) Mini Computer
Ans:-  Supercomputer