Computer Fundamental Quiz Questions

Q71- Person who spends too much time in front of a computer is called?
A) Mouse potatoB) Couch potato
C) Techy bugD) Techy crawl
Ans:-  Mouse potato
Q72- Who is the father of computer ethics?
A) Norbert WienerB) John Von Neumann
C) Claude ShannonD) Charles Babbage
Ans:-  Norbert Wiener
Q73- Which of the following will not be considered as a form of secondary storage?
A) Magnetic drumsB) Semiconductor memory
C) Magnetic disksD) Magnetic tapes
Ans:-  Semiconductor memory
Q74- Who is also known as father of Indian Supercomputing?
A) Ragunath MashelkarB) Vijay Bhatkar
C) Jayant NarlikarD) Nandan Nilekani
Ans:-  Vijay Bhatkar
Q75- Which of the following is not an example of Operating System?
A) Windows 2007B) BSD Unix
C) Microsoft Office XPD) Red Hat Linux
Ans:-  Microsoft Office XP
Q76- What is the full form of SDRAM?
A) Special Dynamic Read Access MemoryB) Synchronous Dynamic Read Access Memory
C) Special Dynamic Random Access MemoryD) Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
Ans:-  Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
Q77- Which effect we see as the slides of a PowerPoint changes over?
A) TransitionB) Animation
C) EffectsD) Timing
Ans:-  Transition
Q78- Which of the following was the world's first electronic programmable computing device?
A) ENIACB) Model K
C) ColossusD) Curta
Ans:-  Colossus
Q79-  A chart placed in a worksheet is called ____________.
A) Formatting chartB) Aligning chart
C) Hanging chartD) Embedded chart
Ans:-  Embedded chart
Q80- The Analytical Engine developed during First Generation of computers used ___________ as a memory unit.
A) RAMB) Floppies
C) Counter wheelsD) Punch cards
Ans:-  Punch cards