Computer Fundamental Quiz Questions

Q121- Which function allows you to call the expression by name and for Excel to calculate it once?
A) MatchB) Order
C) TempD) Let
Ans:-  Let
Q122- Who is the founder of ROM?
A) Dov FrohmanB) Robert Dennard
C) Jay ForresterD) Robert Newman
Ans:-  Jay Forrester
Q123- What was the first modem?
A) Dell 123B) Bell 103
C) Cell 113D) Kell 132
Ans:-  Bell 103
Q124- Passive-matrix is a type of what technology?
Ans:-  LCD
Q125- HDFS stand for:
A) Handheld Distributed File SystemB) High Distributed File System
C) Hadoop Distributed Find SystemD) Hadoop Distributed File System
Ans:-  Hadoop Distributed File System
Q126- Which key combination used to cut the selected content to the spike in Ms word?
A) Ctrl+F1B) Ctrl+F2
C) Ctrl+F3D) Ctrl+F4
Ans:-  Ctrl+F3
Q127- ‘Times New Roman’ font gets its name from the____________________
A) Times of AustraliaB) Times of America
C) Times of ZealandD) Times of London
Ans:-  Times of London
Q128- ___ is a technique that is used to send more than one call over a single line.
A) Digital transmissionB) Infrared transmission
C) DigitizingD) Multiplexing
Ans:-  Multiplexing
Q129- The slide that is used to introduce a topic and set the tone for the presentation is called the
A) Title slideB) Bullet slide
C) Table slideD) Graph slide
Ans:-  Title slide