Computer Fundamental Quiz Questions

Q91- Kerning can be applied to what type of data?
A) Image dataB) Textual data
C) Audio dataD) Video data
Ans:-  Textual data
Q92- Which of the following resolutions is not an HDTV standard?
A) 720iB) 720p
C) 1080iD) 1080p
Ans:-  720i
Q93- Which of the following interface is not used for connecting external hard drives?
C) FirewireD) HDMI
Ans:-  HDMI
Q94- This memory stores the data of the operating system and programs that are currently running, for access by the CPU.
C) Cache memoryD) Flash memory
Ans:-  RAM
Q95- . A high quality CAD system uses the following for printing drawing and graphs.
A) Dot matrix printerB) Digital plotter
C) Line printerD) All of the above
Ans:-  Digital plotter
Q96- NTFS is a file system used by which operating system?
A) WindowsB) Mac OS X
C) AndroidD) iOS
Ans:-  Windows
Q97- How many bits are used in the data bus in 8085 microprocessor?
A) 32 Bit B) 16 Bit
C) 8 BitD) 4 Bit
Ans:-  8 Bit
Q98- ___ invented the mechanical calculator for adding numbers.
A) Charles BabbageB) Isaac Newton
C) Blaise PascalD) EF Codd
Ans:-  Blaise Pascal
Q99- Data on a floppy disk is recorded in rings called:
A) SectorsB) Ringers
C) RoundersD) Tracks
Ans:-  Tracks
Q100- Manchester Mark I computer was based on
A) processing conceptB) stored program concept
C) electronic change conceptD) All of the above
Ans:-  stored program concept