Computer Fundamental Quiz Questions

Q31- In LibreOffice Calc Which tab has "Goal seek" command?
A) InsertB) Style
C) DataD) Tools
Ans:-  Tools
Q32- _______________ is the unicode character for the Indian rupee sign.
A) U+20A9B) U+20B9
C) U+20C9D) U+20D9
Ans:-  U+20B9
Q33- Where "Formula" command show in LibreOffice Writer?
A) viewB) Table
C) StyleD) Form
Ans:-  Table
Q34- Which type of PDF standard best suits print professional, graphic designers and creative professionals.
Ans:-  PDF/X
Q35- What is the maximum height of row in Excel?
A) 308 pointsB) 409 points
C) 506 pointsD) 500 points
Ans:-  409 points
Q36- How many truth table entries are necessary for a four-input circuit?
A) 16B) 8
C) 16D) 6
Ans:-  16
Q37- In CPU, ......... points to the next instruction to be executed.
A) Instruction registerB) Program counter
C) Memory buffer registerD) Accumulator
Ans:-  Program counter
Q38- The data storage hierarchy consists of -
A) Bits, bytes, fields, records, files and databasesB) Bits, bytes, records, fields, files and databases
C) Bits, bytes, fields, files, records and databasesD) Bytes, bits, fields, records, files and databases
Ans:-  Bits, bytes, fields, records, files and databases
Q39- Who is regarded as the inventor of QWERTY keyboard layout?
A) Sir John BabbageB) Sir Christopher Latham Sholes
C) Sir Bill KendrickD) Sir Mitchel Resnick
Ans:-  Sir Christopher Latham Sholes
Q40- A personal computer uses a number of chips mounted on a circuit board, is called -
A) MicroprocessorB) System board
C) Mother boardD) None of the above
Ans:-  Mother board