Computer Fundamental Quiz Questions

Q21- What is the full form of ECC Memory?
A) Error Correcting Code MemoryB) Error Clearing Code Memory
C) Electric Charged Code MemoryD) None of the Above
Ans:-  Error Correcting Code Memory
Q22- What is 'Fly in' in MS PowerPoint?
A) Colour schemeB) Animation effect
C) Page DesignD) None of these
Ans:-  Animation effect
Q23- What is the total number of inputs of the ALU control unit?
A) One 32-bitB) Two 32-bit
C) Three 32-bitD) None of these
Ans:-  Two 32-bit
Q24- What is the codename of Windows 8?
A) LonghornB) Blackcomb
C) MidoriD) Santorini
Ans:-  Midori
Q25- Who had proposed the principle of modern computer in his 1936 paper?
A) Alan TuringB) Geoff Tootill
C) Ferranti MarkD) Grace Hopper
Ans:-  Alan Turing
Q26- How are registers measured?
A) Number of programsB) Number of bits
C) Number of OccurenceD) Number of reference points
Ans:-  Number of bits
Q27- Panther (10.3), Jaguar (10.2), Puma (10.1), and Cheetah (10.0) are examples of what kind of operating system?
A) Windows OSB) Mac OS
C) Linux Operating SystemsD) Android Operating Systems
Ans:-  Mac OS
Q28- In Ms Paint , Which of the following will you use to select any irregularly shaped part of the picture?
A) Fill with colorB) Eraser
C) Free-Form SelectD) Select
Ans:-  Free-Form Select
Q29- In the Windows XP, What does XP stands for?
A) Extra PowerfulB) Experience
C) Extended PlatformD) Embedded Platform
Ans:-  Experience
Q30- Where is the headquarter of Microsoft Office located?
A) CaliforniaB) Mexico
C) WashingtonD) Texas
Ans:-  Washington